Dave Peters Jewelers has been open for business in the same location in the Fergus Falls Westridge Mall since 1978. We have a reputation for being honest, professional and trustworthy. We strive to give our customers all of these with our friendly staff.

Repairs and Custom Restyling

Dave Peters Jewelers has used the same “Master Goldsmith” for over 20 years. If it can be done, he will do it, giving us the best repair and custom design work in the area.

Professional Jewelers On-Site

Our in-store jewelers have completed extensive training programs giving them the knowledge to serivce most any situation for our clients. If they don’t know the answer, they will find it. Throughout their employment with Dave Peters Jewelers, they are receiving on-going training regarding anything new in the jewelry industry.


An appraisal is an important document that identifies your jewelry and gives you a replacement value for a particular piece of jewelry. If you plan to insure your jewelry, your insurance company will require a recent appraisal on each piece of jewelry you may want to insure. Just as you insure your house, belongings and life, you should insure your jewelry, in case it would ever be stolen or lost.

Dave Peters Jewelers will provide an appraisal at no charge to our customers on any new purchases. If your jewelry was not purchased from us, we will provide an appraisal for you. Our fees are based on how many pieces you wish to have appraised.


Dave Peters Jewelers offers instant credit with our in-store credit card, subject to credit approval. Your free financing can range from 90 days to 12 months depending on the purchase price. You would receive low minimum monthly payments with no annual fees.

This plan frees up your other credit cards. With our card you receive the buying power beyond other lines of credit. It only takes a few minutes and costs nothing to know if you qualify. If you qualify, you can leave the store with your purchase.


We welcome your trade-ins. What better way to upgrade to make your dreams come true. Bring in your old jewelry and we will give you the best trade-in value towards your new purchase.

Special Orders & Custom Design

Do you have something special you have been dreaming of? Come in and let us see if we can get it for you. We will place a special order specifically for you, or we can have our master goldsmith custom design to your specifications. We always give you the best pricing available.

Free Cleaning

Stop in anytime you are in the Fergus Falls Westridge Mall and we will check and clean your jewelry for you at no charge. It is so much more enjoyable to wear clean and sparkling jewelry and we can help you spot problems before they happen.

Remember Our “Best Price Guarantee”