At Dave Peters Jewelers, our knowledge and expertise in the crafting of fine jewelry gives us the unique skills needed to repair almost any jewelry issue you may have.

Over time, jewelry can weaken or break, whether from simple wearing and age or from an impact or event. From cracking to thinning to missing stones, we know exactly how to repair the piece to it’s original splendor.

Remember also, waiting for a piece to break or a stone to fall is not the best time to address it. We can often detect issues in advance, strengthening the places that need it and giving the piece a new lease on life.

Our repair process could not be easier. Simply come into the store and we will evaluate the piece in terms of the best way to repair and renew it. This can take many forms from a simple “weld” type repair to a re-purposing of elements of the piece into a different design – all based on exactly what you need.

Our master craftsmen would love to show you the skill and care they have spent many years perfecting and honing. You need the best when it’s an heirloom or beloved family piece.

Remember also, your items value is fully insured during any repair process – so your possessions are totally safe with us.

Contact us today and we’ll get to work ensuring your jewelry is just as it should be – perfect!