Custom Design

Custom design is, at its core, taking your concept and making it a reality. Obviously, you will want guidance and advice along the way but custom jewelry clients know what they want and need skilled designers and craftsmen to make it.

Custom jewelry is great for those who simply can not find the piece they are looking for but also those who have a very specific idea of a piece that doesn’t really exist. Often custom jewelry is representing an event, history or achievement and embodies not only the gift, but the wearer as well. Custom jewelry is about creating a one of a kind item just for you!

We start with the initial discussion, narrowing your requirement down to a specific piece or style. We go through sketches and examples to ensure your vision is on the page in basic form.

From this, we create detailed drawings and hone the design down to the exact detail you are looking for in the piece. It’s here that our master jewelers take-over and lift the vision off the page, recreating it in the metal and stone of your choice.

You end up with a one of a kind custom piece which will be enjoyed for years to come. We always love to see the look on peoples’ faces when they see their vision take physical form and we often end up creating more matching pieces to compliment it.

Come on a custom journey with us – it’s something very special. Contact us today.